Friday, 4 June 2010

Double Trouble

Although I am not attending many tournaments this year, myself and ex-Chief Muppet, Dave OJ (of OJ science fame) have planned to do a few doubles tournaments.

First of these was Winds of War back in February, where we came a very respectable (and surprising) second, using Tau and Tyranids.

To follow on from this we are planning to do a tournament organised by our local club (the infamous Sad Muppet Society) in July, Calnage on the 25th September, and then the GCN Champion of Champions tournament later in the year.

Instead of the frankly bizarre army we used at WOW we are going to be going for Blood Angels and Ulramarines, nicely tying in both of our latest projects.

Rather annoyingly, this means I’m also going to be painting one more new unit for my Blood Angels, a Typhoon Land Speeder, for Calnage which uses the combat patrol rules.

DOubles FOC However the other two events will use the GW doubles rules, two 750 point armies making one 1500 point army using the standard force organisation chart (see the piccie). 

More details to follow once the Dead (Imperial) Presidents have actually decided the armies we are taking.


  1. Hi,

    Is the July SMS Doubles tournament on their website ? I can't seem to find it :(

    Good luck with the doubles tournaments. I've never been to one, but I heard they're a good laugh. Could give me the incentive to get some of my wolves painted.


  2. Hi Rathstar, I don't think the guys have confirmed the date/venue yet (they were talking about the 24th, at our normal venue). I know the plan is to do an informal club/local event so I'm sure you would be welcome.

    If you haven't done a doubles event before, I can throughly recommend them. They are great fun.