Friday, 22 October 2010

Oh well, I lost…

But, it was really really close! Last night (writing this in the wee hours of the morning), I finally got my first game of Warmachine in, and I have to say it was really good fun!

My opponent, (an old friend who have corrupted to play) was using 15 points of Cyrx including Asphyxious, a defiler, a deathriper, a ripjaw and a reaper. Unsurprisingly the stormsmiths lasted  until someone blinked at them, however my two jacks where great, although the Iron Lich all but destroyed my Centurion in close combat (he is very nasty).

On the last turn I threw everything left at Asphyxious (including a super charged Thorn) and he still had four damage boxes left. Unfortunately, the payback on Nemo hurt quite a lot. Still, great game that went right down to the wire. And Dave was very happy because (a) he has maintained his 100% win rate playing Warmachine and (b) it was his first win against me in any system for 13 years (not that anyone was counting).

However next time will be closer still as I get my head around the system and hopefully get some more models finished!

On a vaguely related note, I can now announce that the Legion of Snake Eyes (more about that another time) will be running a Warmachine campaign weekend entitled “Where Sleeping Gods Lie” in the new year (hopefully February). Anyone familiar with the old Dark Stars Warhammer 40000 campaign weekends will recognise the format; although we are planning something a bit more polished and far more narrative driven. More details to follow later.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Shocking News

Right, it is done. I officially have enough stuff painted to play Warmachine, specifically my new Cygnar army. So what’s done? Well, first of all I’ve got two warjacks, a Centurion (the big beat stick) and Thorn (the little beat stick). No ranged weapons on these two in a shooty army but we won’t worry about that.

Second up, my warcaster, Commander Adept Nemo and his Squire attachment (to give the old man more magical niceness). And finally, three Stormsmith Stormcallers because there wasn’t quite enough squishy things.

Cygnar Army

This makes a grand total of 16 points. Hooray! One point over with one day in hand!

I’ve been musing over the next steps for this force (which I’m pretty sure won’t work as it is). I think to get to 20 points, I’m going to add the Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team because whilst also being squishy, they also have a silly amount of special rules.

For 25 points, I’ll probably add a Firefly to work with the Stormsmiths (and the Storm Tower that also needs to be painted); all for extra zappyness! Have to admit, the General Adept Nemo Tier list also looks mighty tempting.

Anyway, there you go; slowly making progress.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I May Have Been A Bit Rash…

OK, firstly, its been a while since my last post on this blog. They are some good reasons for this which I may or may not cover during the course of this ramble.

Next Thursday, I have a couple of good friends visiting for a game of Warmachine. This is obviously not earth shattering news (unless you can’t believe I actually have friends); however it has set a deadline for painting some of my Cygnar.

Why? Well, I’m one of these crazy people that insists on painting every single model before playing with it. No game seems as real or excites my imagination without little PAINTED toy soldiers on a table with nice scenery. This is unfortunate as it takes me ages to paint anything.

I could blame the crazy job that leaves me travelling around Europe all the time, or the family which with young kids is also very demanding. However those would just be excuses. The truth is, I’m a slow painter. My steadily deteriorating eyesight doesn’t help and neither did Halo: Reach (excellent game by the way); but even still, it takes a long time for me to paint anything.

Typhoon This is where deadlines like tournaments are great. The only reason my Blood Angels, and in particular the latest addition, a Typhoon, were finished was because of A Small Matter of Honour and Calnage.

The aim is to paint little and often. So, by next Thursday I’ll have 15 points of Cygnar painted and finished. Hopefully.

For the record, I have started tonight by painting the kitchen…

In other news, myself and a couple of conspirators are planning a Warhammer 400000 campaign weekend next year under the working title “Lost Stars”. The emphasis will very much be on a fun style of gaming and it will probably use a 1500 point doubles format. More details will follow once we’ve actually got organised.

In the meantime, if you like 40K doubles, there are still tickets available for the GCN South Champion of Champions tournament, being hosted by Spiky Club in Reading on the 14th November. Cruise over to their website if you are interested!