Monday, 27 September 2010

Carnage at Calnage

I have a soft spot for the Warhammer 40000 doubles format. In most doubles tournaments I’ve attended the worst competitive urges (my included) have been blunted by working in a team. So, I was really looking forward to Calne Gaming Club’s annual 500+500 tournament, Calnage. It did not disappoint.

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Our first game was against two marine players; one sporting three assault units plus scouts, the other with two units of attack bikes and a tactical squad. We played the classic ‘draw’ scenario, Capture and Control and both placed our objectives on the left of the battlefield. Unfortunately they stole the initiative and we suffered a bit in the first round of shooting, losing both Typhoons. In response, we did pretty much nothing. From this point, we were surrounded with assault marines and attack bikes closing in on all sides. Our only chance to threaten their objective was lost when my scouts arrived on the wrong side of the table. From then on, it was a desperate fight to keep our own objective which we did, scoring a surprising draw.

Game two, was Seize Ground against Mike and Caesar’s very mobile eldar. Some how, most of this game degenerated to a missile slinging match with the pixies eventually getting the upper hand. However it was too late and we had solid control of two objectives, with the third contested.

Game three, and Necrons. At this point I must say I have a poor record against Necrons at combat patrol level and I raised at eyebrow at seeing the Destroyers and Immortal, and especially the Scarabs. This Animation mission was going to be a problem. On turn two things looked pretty poor when Dave’s Chaplain, Combat Squad, and Razorback all disappeared under concentrated Gauss fire. To follow that, my assaulty combat squad got bogged down in Scarabs; not good. Then everything changed in turn four, with my Sanguianary Priest and Combat Squad free of the Scarabs; and two live Typhoons, I boldy said “I’ve had enough, we’re winning this game this turn.” Our opponents (and Dave in fairness) were a little shocked and continued to plan their counter attack using two tomb spiders. The Typhoons removed one Necron Warrior squad, my combat squad removed and ran down the other one, and that was that, game over as the Necrons phased out.

Our big wins had put us on the top table against Spiky Club’s James Karch and David Richardson, with Space Wolves and Imperial Guard. The normally very civilised James, had four sick Thunderwolves of doom (shame on you James), however that was less of a issue than the scenario. We started in one of the quarters, and had to escape from the opposite short board edge. Simple (ish). First turn started well with my scouts escaping immediately and the Typhoons putting large holes in David's infantry platoon. Unfortunately the Thunderwolves got stuck in the following turn removing the Ultramarine’s Razorback, and David plucked both Typhoons out of the sky. Leaving them to their fate, half of my Blood Angels scampered way.

In a excellent display of combat prowess, the Ultramarines cut down the puppies and began the long walk off the board. In the end, it wasn’t enough and David and James got a well deserved win, and with it first place in the tournament. Much to our surprise (especially considering how pretty James’ Thunderwolves are) the Dead Presidents won Best Army.

All in all a fantastic tournament!

P.S. And happily we also managed to pop down to Triple Helix Wargaming in Westbury on the way home where I got even more Warmachine stuff. Yippee!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Return of Commander Dante

P1000728 A couple of nights ago I got around to playing my first Warhammer 40000 game in about three months. Unusually, my opponent suggested playing at 2000 points. Given the general chaos surrounding my life at the moment, I happily agreed and then thought (at the last minute), err what am I going to take?

A few super busy days at work made the decision for me and out came my 1750 ASMOH Blood Angels list with a couple of minor changes, and a 225 point special character (because he was already painted).

When I finally rolled in to muppets (late of course), my opponent was waiting with a Chaos Space Marine army which had two special characters, Kharn and the big man himself Abbadon. The scenario was annihilation with spearhead deployment; and unusually for me, I took the first turn and deployed everything.

So how did it go? Well, the Chaplain/Dante tag team were incredible in close combat, although not quite good enough to take down Abbadon in one round. Dante’s Hit & Run capability could be extremely useful in the future and this game it saved him from a couple of combats I didn’t want him involved in. Kharn died very quickly to melta weapons (once separated from his bodyguard) and Baal Predators can chew though normal Chaos Marine squads. The Blood Talon equipped dreadnought was simply rude, eating a unit of marines in a single round of combat.

In the end it was a very convincing win, although in fairness had my opponent’s heavy support arrived earlier things would have been messier for me. Anyway, great game! I almost feel inspired to paint more stuff…

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Dead Presidents ride again

As some of you might be aware, myself and Dave OJ (of OJ Science fame) are ex-chief muppets from the Sad Muppet Society (the finest wargaming club in the world). In three weeks we’ll be attending Calnage, a 500 point doubles tournament based on the Warhammer 40000 combat patrol rules. Rather than take the frankly silly lists we tried at Winds of War, we are going for two classic Space Marine armies, Dave’s Tyranid hunting Ultramarines, and my Blood Angel’s successor chapter, the Order of Sanguinius.

Here’s what we are taking:

Ultramarines 7th Company (Dave OJ)  
Ultramarine Chaplain (digital weapons, meltabombs) 115
Tactical Squad: Space Marine Sergeant (power fist, combi-flamer, meltabombs),
9 Space Marines (flamer, missile launcher)

Razorback (twin-linked assault cannon, storm bolter) 85
Land Speeder Typhoon 90
Order of Sanguinius, Blood Angels Successor Chapter (me)  
Tactical Squad: Space Marine Sergeant (power weapon),
9 Space Marines (melta gun, missile launcher)

Razorback (twin-linked heavy bolters) 55
Scout Squad: Scout Sergeant (power weapon, meltabombs), 4 Space Marine Scouts 95
Sanguinary Priest (power weapon, meltabombs) 70
Land Speeder Typhoon 90

Will it work? I don’t really care, however it should be fun!

UPDATE: We’ve had to re-jig the to allow for the lack of painting time, so goodbye Ultramarine scouts and hello Cassius.