Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Putting (Cocktail) Sticks Up Elf Bottoms

Firstly, apologies to anyone who is reading this post expecting something else...

Anyway, time for an update on my Eldar project. Despite needing a bit of green stuff, I’m rather chuffed with my prototype Dragon Knight (cough, Shining Spear), and together with his two squad mates they are ready to be undercoated.

Unfortunately there are only three of the right type of Cold Knight head in the box, so the Exarch is going to have to wait until I’ve got some more Cold One Knights before I can finish him. I also want to do something special with his helmet to make him stand out a little more (he already has a Dire Avenger Exarch body which is a good start).

Luckily, my sons have been conspiring with mum in Games Workshop(bless them), so I’m under strict instructions to wait until after Father’s Day.

P1020987 web The final Cold One from this boxset has been converted into my first normal Guardian jetbike. To beef up his shuriken catapult (it is supposed to be twin-linked after all), I’ve added a second top loading ammo clip. Happily this guy was easier to convert than the Shining Spears which is just as well, because I have another seven to do.

This brings my back to the title of the post. Before undercoating each rider to mounted on a colour-coded cocktail stick to make painting easier, and to make sure each rider is matched to the correct mount. If I get the chance, I’ll post up some photos before I start painting these chaps.

And before I sign off, my final modelling project is a Typhoon for my Blood Angels. Apart from a moulded shoulder pad (only had one Blood Angel shoulder pad left, typical), there is nothing too usual about this model; except for the magnets used on the flying base (and gunner). I’m hoping this works ok because I want to use the same system on my eldar tanks because it will make them so much easier to store and transport.

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