Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Eldar Tanks

As part of Games Workshop's new Spearhead release (in the next White Dwarf), the eldar are getting two new tanks; the Night Spinner and a new version of the Fire Prism.

Despite using the Falcon chassis, the new turret design is a radical departure from the previous Forgeworld and GW models. The closest thing I've seen is the old Forgeworld Scorpion design.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Salute 2010

Well, just back home from Salute 2010 and it has been a long day (I was up before 5:00am this morning). I have to admit, from my point of view there was lots and lots of interesting stuff, but nothing I actually wanted to buy, so I managed to come away with just a handful of models for the new eldar army.

However among the many stalls (too may lovely toys), maxmini.eu from Poland looked particularly interesting and had some beautiful miniatures and conversion bits. I will be investigating further once their webshop is switched back on (I think the whole company came to Salute).

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

More toys

It has been some time coming, but here is my double (quad) autocannon dreadnought. Brother Daniel. He was converted using the land raider lascannon sponsons so except modifying the guns, he was pretty quick to make.

And one of my objective markers...

Still need to finish three more models but almost there. Roll on Operation Snowman in May!

And now for something slightly different...

Anyone regularly reading this blog might be vaguely aware that I am a member of the Sad Muppet Society (the finest wargaming club in the world in my humble opinion), based in little old Basingstoke. The year after we setup the club, we started an annual Warhammer 40000 tournament called A Small Matter of Honour (ASMOH). Even though I have long since passed the baton to others to run this event, it is still the highlight of my gaming calendar.

When we originally created the tournament (eight years ago) we wanted to do something slight different. So instead of the normal 1500 point armies, we went for 1750 points for our players, or as it was pitched at the time, a normal army plus a land raider. This gave players the opportunity to paint and field something in addition to their normal army and was pretty popular. So much so, there are many other 1750 point tournaments now.

After the first year, it became apparent we needed a fourth game in the day (ASMOH is a one day tournament). Squeezing in another 1750 point game was not an option, so we started the day with a 400 point combat patrol. However in the past two years we have moved to using two 1250 games in the morning follow two 1750 games in the afternoon.

The essential thing about the 1250 point list, is that it is a normal army with something taken away. Together with a tweaked force organisation chart (see piccie to the right) it forces players to concentrate on what is really important in their army lists.

Last year, I wrote a 1750 point army and then removed 500 points. This meant the list was compromised in the smaller games because I didn't appreciate how important some units were to my list.

This time around, I've developed my army list with this in mind, so it is a 'ground up' 1250 point army. This is mainly because the Blood Angel's codex has only recently come out and I've only used it at 1250 points so far, however as a side effect this list seems to work better and has highlighted the core elements in my army; the stuff I need to make it work.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Green Tide

It is a little scary. I have been in this country three weeks now and I'm not even traveling next week. Probably just as well with the Iceland thing. Anyway as a result I've been at club loads this month and I've been able to actually play some games.

This week was the third test game using my list for A Small Matter of Honour in May. This time playing an annihilation mission against an Ork Horde with 60 Shoota Boyz, two Battlewagons, three Killa-Kans, and a unit of Megaarmour Nobs, all in 1250 points. Without going into to details, suffice to say concentrating on single elements or units worked brilliantly.

In particular the autocannon dreadnought did wonders against the Kill-Kans and Battlewagons (killing both of them on side or rear armour); and my tactical squad cut though two Shoota Boyz units in close combat. The only unit I couldn't deal with was the Megaarmoured Nobs but I suspect my HQ could have done the job if they were not at the opposite end of the battlefield. In the end I won six kill points to three.

I am especially surprised how vulnerable Orks are in assault if charged, as I rate Shoota boyz as the best basic troops in the game. Still I'm sure if my opponent got the charge it would be a very different story.

Next week I plan to use my 1750 list for the first time, however I still need to finish the sergeant for my second tactical squad and a sanguinary priest. However first things first, this Saturday I'm off to Salute in London on the GCN stand and helping on a Rules of Engagement demo game.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Descent of Angels

Well, I tested my 1250 point Blood Angels army tonight against "The Pinto", one of the best 40K players at our club  and I'm rather happy to say they worked quite well. Matt is one of the original members of Muppets and we have played each other many times over the years. Although previously Matt did nasty things to my old Blood angels army, I'm probably just ahead on our encounters.

We played an annihilation mission with pitched battle deployment and Matt bought his Space Wolves. His army consisted of three Grey Hunter packs (two in Rhinos), Terminator Wolf Guard, Long Fangs, a Rune Priest, and a blood crazed Lone Wolf. My list was my ASMOH list which can be found here. Matt deployed centrally so his units could support one another, and I kept all of my units in reserve to take advantage of my greater mobility.

Because of (my lack of) deployment, the game really kicked off in turn three, when Matt kindly removed the main guns on my two tanks which turned up the previous turn (one of the Baal Predators and the Vindicator). In return my Chaplain, Honour Guard and Scouts managed to wipe a unit of Grey Hunters, and positioned themselves to get the second unit the following turn (which was duly cut down). Their advance was only slowed by Matt's Wolf Guard who finished the Honour Guard and Scouts. Unfortunately they cracked against the Chaplain leaving him free to chase them and move into the Long Fangs.

So in summary, the Honour Guard/Chaplain/Scouts combo ate units which the rest of my army had shot into manageable targets. The other unit of note was my new autocannon dreadnought. Despite turning up late he accounted for both of my vehicle kills (two Rhinos). In the end I won five-two on kill points and should thank Matt for a great game (as always).

My next task is to finish three marines for my 1750 point list and to read Black Tide, the latest Blood Angel's novel by James Swallow.

GCN Council Meeting

While there is little to update on the hobby front (dreadnought, sergeant, medic and objectives still being painted, slowly), Friday (9th April) was a Gaming Club Network Council meeting up in Warhammer World,  Nottingham. For those of you unfamiliar with the GCN, it is an association of gaming clubs in the United Kingdom, and at the moment I'm the president (obviously didn't say 'no' fast enough).

Anyway, this time around we started to plan our first show, taking over Hammerhead with co-operation with Chesterfield Open Gaming Society (COGS); rules for over 18 only clubs (modifying our children protection policy so under 18 members do not require CRB checks); and encouraging other clubs outside the UK to setup similar organisations. More information will be posted on the GCN website when Gareth (our Secretary) has written the minutes up.

If anyone wants to talk about gaming clubs in person, a couple of the guys will be are the South West Model Show next weekend, and I'll be at Salute doing a Rules of Engagement demo game on the 24th April (this should be interesting, I don't know the rules yet).

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Operation Snowman

I have finally decided on my army list for A Small Matter of Honour, the Sad Muppet Society's annual 40K tournament. Please bear in mind this the aim here is to do (almost) the minimum amount of painting to add to my existing army. To this end, I've got a dreadnought, sergeant, sanguinary priest, and two objectives to finish within the month. Anyway, onto the list:

The Order of Sanguinius, Raiding Force (1250 points)

Reclusiarch (jump pack) 155
4 Honour Guard (flamers, power weapon), Sanguinary Novitiate, jump packs 190

9 Tactical Marines (missile launcher, meltagun), Sergeant (power weapon), Razorback 245
4 Scouts, Scout Sergeant (power weapon, meltabombs) 95

Baal Predator (twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolter) 145
Baal Predator (twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolter) 145

Dreadnought (two twin-linked autocannons) 120
Vindicator (siege shield) 155

Reinforcements (500 points)

Sanguinary Priest (power weapon) 65
Furioso Dreadnought 125

9 Tactical Marines (missile launcher, plasma gun), Sergeant (power fist, storm bolter) 208

2 Attack Bikes (multi-meltas) 100

Hopefully this lot will do ok, although there is less mobility in here than I would have liked. However I didn't want to buy any more toys because after ASMOH I will be concentrating on my eldar, especially as my fantastic wife bought me a rather fab present for Easter...