Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hobby On The Move (and cool dice)

Like many people, I travel a lot for work. This is not helped by the fact my office is a 1000km away from my home. Although some of my free time away tends to be taken up with business stuff, I also spend a good portion bored in hotel rooms (normally updating my blog, reading, etc).

To try and make a bit more progress on my eldar (it is painfully slow at the moment), I’ve put together a little painting kit to haul around on my travels. This is based on the rather excellent Feldherr MINI case which fits very nicely in the bottom of my laptop bag.

This little lot went over to France last week which was great, but the big thing will be to take it to Sweden this coming week. Unfortunately this means getting through airport security which could be entertaining.

Of course all this said, my kids gave me a new book for Fathers Day(Unseen Academicals by Sir Pratchett) so that might go instead. Oh, and I must remember to ask how Sweden are doing in the World Cup (according to my Danish boss).

red diceOn a completely different subject, Blatchfords (the prosthetic limb people) celebrated their 120th anniversary this weekend. As part of the festivities the guys in their machine shop made some steel dice, and thanks to my father, I have two of these special D6s. As far I as can tell these are perfectly weighted.

Ideal as leadership dice for my Blood Angels. Unfortunately the chances of getting ten of these in teal for my eldar is slight to say the least!

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