Friday, 19 February 2010

Winds of War 2010

This weekend was Bracknell Forest Gamers Warhammer 40000 Doubles Tournament, Winds of War. This event has gone from strength to strength since it started and uses the combat patrol rules from 4th edition at 500 points, giving a total of 1000 points per team.
In my experience doubles tournaments tend to be much friendlier than classic tournament, and from my point of view (as a fairly competitive 40K player), it is a good opportunity to relax and enjoy the social side of the hobby.
This event in particular is quite casual and allows some whacky army combinations. After teaming up with Dave OJ last year (another former Chief Muppet), we were back again. This time, the Dead Presidents, would have his new Tyranids and my Tau. Obviously the Tau were a little worried about this arrangement which is why they all had Initiative 1 (this is the penalty for this option in the rules pack).
Our first game was against two great chaps using Marines and Eldar. Because of the scenario, my Tau (who were a bit lucky) took out the Eldar and Dave's Nids had the marines for breakfast. In game two we faced two Ork armies. Despite most of the bugs struggling in close combat, we just managed a win on kill points.
The third game was objective based and we faced a total of seven Typhoon Land Speeders on a relatively open board. Suffice to say we got a good kicking, however we did control the most objectives at the end of the game, so we got our third (!) win of the day.
Our final game was against a very pretty Necron army. Thankfully for Dave's ego, natural order was returned and we lost this game. However at the end of the day, we came second!
A big thanks should go the guys at BFG for running a great event, and congratulations to the (winning) muppet team, the two Christies.

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