Thursday, 29 July 2010

Cygnar Army List (or the stuff I have to paint first)

Well, I can safely say the best way to build a… less than effective army (for any system), is to go for the models you like best first. So I’ve done exactly that with Warmachine. To stop me getting distracted, my wife has told me (in no uncertain terms) that I am not to even think about Hordes until this lot is painted. Seems fair enough.

So here’s my first 25 point Cygnar army list, based around warcaster Nemo. The approximate plan is to shot or zap anyone soft and squishy; and supercharge the warjacks to hit anyone harder on the head with a big pointy stick (pointy sticks are good). However to main objective is to learn how the game works before diving in with both feet.

I hope it works although I’m fully expecting it not to…cygnar2

The Professors  
Commander Adept Nemo (6)
- Centurion Heavy Warjack 9
- Thorn Light Warjack 8
- Squire Warcaster Attachment 2
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team 4
Journeyman Warcaster 3
3 Stormsmith Stormcallers 3
Stormsmith Warcaster 2

In addition to this lot, I’m also working on some Warhammer scenery, minus the frilly bits. This will quite acceptable as Warmachine (or generic fantasy) scenery.

Just need to find some time to paint now…

Monday, 26 July 2010

Time To Go (almost)

Extranetlogo As some of you might be aware, amongst my other jobs (work, husband, father, etc), I am president of the Gaming Club Network (GCN). This organisation represents over 80 table top gaming clubs in the United Kingdom, playing all sorts of games from Warhammer, Warmachine, Flames of War, to Colllectable Card Games and Board Games (more info on this fine organisation can be found here).

Anyway, three years ago I put myself down to succeed Mike Sharp from Oxford Gaming Club as president; and for the last two and half years I’ve really enjoyed working with the organisation and our member clubs.

However life is change, and work is demanding more and more of my time. As I also need to spend more time with my family, something else has to go. So, with some regret, I will be standing down at the GCN’s next AGM in January. I would to thank all the clubs, activists, and volunteers who have supported and helped me over the years; its been hard work, but great fun and really rewarding.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, please get in contact because I’m not quite gone yet and there still lots of interesting stuff we’re working on.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

P.S. I’m half way through painting my first warjack. Hope to get some piccies up next week.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Rocky Road

rockyroad In yet another tangent in this blog, this time I’m going to talk about bases. Before you disappear, please bear with me.

Normally I use citadel sand and bits of slate to cover my bases, however in keeping with the steam-fantasy theme of my new Cygnar army (that’s a Warmachine faction in case you haven’t been paying attention) I wanted a paved effect.

circlecutter As I’m far too lazy (read: unskilled) to sculpt this in green stuff, I opted to use some textured plasticard bought out of a local Model Shop. Great, however Warmachine models are based on round bases, not square ones; and I can barely cut a straight line with a pair of scissors at the best of times (I’m even quite rubbish with left handed scissors).

baseinsert So the next problem was to cut a reasonable circle. Enter the compass cutter pictured here, a fantastic little device that with a bit of practice, and set to 24mm diameter, cuts perfectly sized inserts for 30mm rounded bases.

Problem solved and I have some nice paved effect bases!

The other use for the compass cutter (and in fairness, why I bought it in the first place) is for cutting normal plasticard for my eldar bases where I’m after a broken wraithbone effect. These take a little longer because I am scoring a pattern into the plasticard, however the theory is much the same.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

More Coal Please!

cygnar2The move to Warmachine is well underway and I’ve got a fist full of toys. In the end, I’ve gone for the Cygnar faction because I love the magic/tech crossover. As I’ve mentioned before, it has a lot in common with Final Fantasy video games (I have fond memories of FFVII, having I burnt far too much time playing that game).

So what’s first up? Well I’ve definitely gone for a theme and it is not a traditional Cygnar gunline. I’ve only got one warjack at the moment plus some foot troops; and I’ve only just start getting these models together (undercoated the first batch today). So far I have to say I really like Privateer Press’s stuff. Compared to the Games Workshop Wood Elf I’ve recently put together, the PP stuff is surprisingly flash free and at least as well cast.

I’ve also being spending a lot of time reading through (and really enjoying) the main Warmachine rulebook and the Cygnar faction book. In particular, the detailed background and army entries in the Prime rulebook are great and really flesh out Iron Kingdoms world as well as giving a good overview of how each faction works in the game. The game itself looks pretty straightforward although the unit rules seem to add a huge amount of complexity. This is very much in keeping with the heroic nature of the game and quite different to the Warhammer games (Warmachine looks very character driven).

Anyway once I’ve finally decided on a colour scheme, got a couple more Warjacks, and find some time (which is the difficult bit); I will be ready to start playing. Can’t wait!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pixies! At last!

OK, its been a bit of time coming, but here is the first unit of my new eldar army. Horaay! As noted before, this Dire Avenger unit has a slightly strange configuration to help protect them in close combat (using defend, and an exarch with a pointy stick).

Unfortunately the photo isn’t great and does not do them justice (really must take photos during the day, not in the evening), however it gives a good idea of the colour scheme.

Anyway, enjoy…

Dire Avengers

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Painting Inside Out

Last week whilst I was out of the country (bored and in a hotel room) I started to listen to Precinct Omega Hobby Podcast. The guy running this, Robey, is among other things, is a Gaming Club Network Rep and runs his own painting business.

Whilst I’m quite a gristled hobby veteran (I’ve even won a couple of best painted army prizes) I did pick up one surprisingly useful tip which I’ve missed in all the years I’ve been in the hobby.

When base coating a model, Robey divides the model into layers, painting the inner most layer and working his way outwards. So for example on an eldar head, you would start on the recessed faceplate before basecoating the rest of the helmet. The advantage of this method is you can be quite rough with the inner most layers, tidying up your painting as you go along.

In fairness I sometimes paint in a similar way, but I don’t normal follow that exact logic. However, I’ve just tried it on a dire avenger exarch and it certainly seemed to speed up the base coating stage. This is one technique I think I’ll be using again.

Paint Guide The second tip is one I do anyway and is vital for my painting projects (especially at the speed I paint). When I’m painting a new army I always put together a painting guide showing the exact paints I’m using. This makes it very easy to replicate the same style and scheme time after time so the army looks consistent.

The piccie to the right shows the (in progress) guide I’m using for my new eldar army.

Finally, moving away from the painting side of the hobby, I owe my father an apology (like he is ever going to read this blog). The dice made by Blatchfords for their 120th anniversary are actually made from (military grade) aluminium. Happily as Warmachine does not require many dice, the three gold plated D6s my dad dropped round today will do quite nicely.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bovington or (and) bust!

Rules of Engagement Tanks, lots and lots of tanks that’s what they have at Bovington Tank Museum on the south coast of England and one of the premier military museums in the country. This weekend Bovington is home to Battlegroup South; a wargaming show hosted between the tanks themselves.

Mike Sharp, the GCN Area Rep for Oxford organised a demo game of Rules of Engagement (above) attached to the Warlord Games stand and showcasing their Bolt Action range. This enabled the Gaming Club Network (including me with my president hat on) to have a stand at the show. The guys at Warlord were excellent looking after us all day, so a HUGE thank you should go to them. During the course of the day, the Americans backed up by Shermans and paratroopers threw themselves into the German lines; and bounced.

Including the fantastic Battle of Hoth, Lego Star Wars game, there were lots of very high quality demo games. In particular the effort from Shepway Gaming Club was completely jaw dropping. Apparently their game is going to SELWG in October so if you are there, check it out.

A special mention should also go to the very nice guys at MCS Miniatures who very kindly helped me empty my wallet in exchange for a bit of Warmachine stuff (happily using our club discount). I still don’t have quite enough for even a small force (14 points so far…), however I will do when I pick up one or two light warjacks.

I have to say the venue itself is fantastic and an absolute must for any fans of military history. I will be back when I have more time.

If this show sounds interesting, you still haven’t quite missed it, it is on tomorrow as well (Sunday 4th July).

paintingstationOn a complete different subject, I thought I’d post a piccie of my mobile painting station. Yes, that is a plastic coffee cup from a (cough water pot) and the pixie is standing on the painting guide I’m building for my eldar. At the moment this Mini figure bag is full of eldar dire avengers (yes, still working on them), however I hope to get some Warmachine stuff in there soon.

Oh, and if you haven’t already found it, Robey Jenkins, another GCN Rep, has started a hobby podcast full of helpful tips even for old veterans like me. Check it out here.

Right, done blog, need to work on hobby stuff…