Sunday, 27 June 2010

Robots, more robots!

Well, I finally done it, I’ve defected to a game system not printed by Games Workshop. This is partly because I’ve become disillusioned by Warhammer Fantasy over the last couple of years and I really can’t face relearning the rules, again.

The other reason is because I much as I love Warhammer 40000 (tanks = good), I really fancied getting into another system. I’m really not inspired by anything historical so the search began…

After a bit of nosing, I’ve picked up a copy of Warmachine today. Why? Well some of the models are really really pretty. The rules are geared towards very aggressive, hero driven games. And finally, it has giant robots. What’s not to like?

Also as a long term fan of Final Fantasy, the Iron Kingdoms background borrows more than a little from the FF series which kind of makes it work for me. As a consequence, I shall be referring to my warcaster as Cid.

Having a flick through the Prime rulebook, I have to say I’m very impressed. Privateer Press have produced a top notch full colour rulebook with some fantastic artwork. I’m aiming to have a proper read of this and the <@£$%” faction book, this week before going to Battlegroup South next Saturday to buy some toys.

On a completely different subject, I’ve also managed to do a bit more painting so I now have two dire avengers finished! I’ll upload some piccies once the finished the squad, however it may take a while…

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hobby On The Move (and cool dice)

Like many people, I travel a lot for work. This is not helped by the fact my office is a 1000km away from my home. Although some of my free time away tends to be taken up with business stuff, I also spend a good portion bored in hotel rooms (normally updating my blog, reading, etc).

To try and make a bit more progress on my eldar (it is painfully slow at the moment), I’ve put together a little painting kit to haul around on my travels. This is based on the rather excellent Feldherr MINI case which fits very nicely in the bottom of my laptop bag.

This little lot went over to France last week which was great, but the big thing will be to take it to Sweden this coming week. Unfortunately this means getting through airport security which could be entertaining.

Of course all this said, my kids gave me a new book for Fathers Day(Unseen Academicals by Sir Pratchett) so that might go instead. Oh, and I must remember to ask how Sweden are doing in the World Cup (according to my Danish boss).

red diceOn a completely different subject, Blatchfords (the prosthetic limb people) celebrated their 120th anniversary this weekend. As part of the festivities the guys in their machine shop made some steel dice, and thanks to my father, I have two of these special D6s. As far I as can tell these are perfectly weighted.

Ideal as leadership dice for my Blood Angels. Unfortunately the chances of getting ten of these in teal for my eldar is slight to say the least!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Campaign Weekends

Sabbat Crsuade Result Map On the way back from Birmingham Games Expo a few weeks ago, myself and Dan Currey (from Bracknell Forest Gamers) got talking about past events we really enjoyed.

Whilst tournaments are enormous fun, all the events and gaming moments that really struck in our minds were campaign weekends.

To put this into context, both Dan and myself are veterans of the Warhammer 40000 hobby and have run loads of tournaments and club events over the years. However, some years ago we were also heavily involved in several of Games Workshop’s Dark Stars campaign weekends, all but writing and running large parts of the Sabbat Crusade and Medusa V events at Warhammer World; plus running several spin off events in other parts of the country.

With the twists, turns, heroes and villains these campaign weekends supplied moments we treasure even now. Whilst the Tempus Fugitives have taken the mantle at Warhammer World and have been running some great events of their own, we both fancied returning to this type of narrative event; despite the huge workload to do one properly.

So far I have a story outline typed up and an idea of the factions involved. The format will probably take something from the doubles events we are running and we will add some new units into the pack(although not too many). Rather than a computer generated map (like the one above from the Sabbat Crusade), I really like the idea of using a physical campaign map so that will be another difference.

Anyway watch this space, hopefully (real lives allowing) we can get something together!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Dead (Imperial) Presidents

Myself and follow Dead President, Dave OJ, actually managed to chat about our 1500 points doubles list last night (just after a game as well, a draw if anyone was interested… ok probably not interested). So based mostly on the models we have, this is what we came up with.

Will it work? Probably not. However there are enough interesting and different types of units to keep us both entertained which is the main point of the exercise. Anyway without further ado…

The Order of Sanguinius, Chapter of the 4th Founding

HQ Reclusiarch (jump pack)
Honour Guard (sanguinary novitiate, two flamers, power weapon, jump packs)



Troop Complusory 9 Tactical Space Marines (meltagun, missile launcher), Space Marine Sergeant (power fist, storm bolter)
Razorback (twin-linked heavy bolters)



Heavy Support Vindicator




Ultramarines, Chapter of the 1st Founding

HQ Ortan Cassius, Master of Sanctity


Elite Dreadnought (two twin-linked autocannons)


Troop Complusory 9 Tactical Space Marines (flamer, missile launcher), Space Marine Sergeant
Razorback (twin-linked heavy bolters, storm bolter)



Fast Attack Two Land Speeder Typhoons


Heavy Support Thunderfire Cannon




We will use this for two of the events we are attending, however Calnage in September is 500 point combat patrol doubles event, so we have no idea what we are planning to take, apart from one Blood Angels Typhoon (because I need to paint it!).

Oh, and if anyone is interested in attending, details of the Sad Muppet Society’s very fun doubles (its not a tournament) 40K  tournament are available here.

Putting (Cocktail) Sticks Up Elf Bottoms

Firstly, apologies to anyone who is reading this post expecting something else...

Anyway, time for an update on my Eldar project. Despite needing a bit of green stuff, I’m rather chuffed with my prototype Dragon Knight (cough, Shining Spear), and together with his two squad mates they are ready to be undercoated.

Unfortunately there are only three of the right type of Cold Knight head in the box, so the Exarch is going to have to wait until I’ve got some more Cold One Knights before I can finish him. I also want to do something special with his helmet to make him stand out a little more (he already has a Dire Avenger Exarch body which is a good start).

Luckily, my sons have been conspiring with mum in Games Workshop(bless them), so I’m under strict instructions to wait until after Father’s Day.

P1020987 web The final Cold One from this boxset has been converted into my first normal Guardian jetbike. To beef up his shuriken catapult (it is supposed to be twin-linked after all), I’ve added a second top loading ammo clip. Happily this guy was easier to convert than the Shining Spears which is just as well, because I have another seven to do.

This brings my back to the title of the post. Before undercoating each rider to mounted on a colour-coded cocktail stick to make painting easier, and to make sure each rider is matched to the correct mount. If I get the chance, I’ll post up some photos before I start painting these chaps.

And before I sign off, my final modelling project is a Typhoon for my Blood Angels. Apart from a moulded shoulder pad (only had one Blood Angel shoulder pad left, typical), there is nothing too usual about this model; except for the magnets used on the flying base (and gunner). I’m hoping this works ok because I want to use the same system on my eldar tanks because it will make them so much easier to store and transport.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Double Trouble

Although I am not attending many tournaments this year, myself and ex-Chief Muppet, Dave OJ (of OJ science fame) have planned to do a few doubles tournaments.

First of these was Winds of War back in February, where we came a very respectable (and surprising) second, using Tau and Tyranids.

To follow on from this we are planning to do a tournament organised by our local club (the infamous Sad Muppet Society) in July, Calnage on the 25th September, and then the GCN Champion of Champions tournament later in the year.

Instead of the frankly bizarre army we used at WOW we are going to be going for Blood Angels and Ulramarines, nicely tying in both of our latest projects.

Rather annoyingly, this means I’m also going to be painting one more new unit for my Blood Angels, a Typhoon Land Speeder, for Calnage which uses the combat patrol rules.

DOubles FOC However the other two events will use the GW doubles rules, two 750 point armies making one 1500 point army using the standard force organisation chart (see the piccie). 

More details to follow once the Dead (Imperial) Presidents have actually decided the armies we are taking.