Saturday, 29 May 2010

Here Be Dragons

P1020906 I’ve been playing a little bit today. Although I like my jetbike conversion, I had already decided on something a little different for my Shinning Spears (sport bike and laser lances seem a recipe for disaster in my humble opinion).

OK, in fairness, quite a few people have used the Dark Elf Cold One Knights as the basis for Exodite Dragon Riders (cough, Shinning Spears), so after much trawling through the interweb, I’ve tried to combine all the best bits from those conversions and add my own take on the idea.

There are a couple of concessions to practicalities, for example keeping the cold one knight legs and trying to limit the conversion to two or three kits, but I’m pleased with the result so far.

The next challenge (possibly tonight) will be to attack certain areas on the model with green stuff. In particular, the chainmail bits are going to be smoothed out and the spiky bit attached to the knee pad will be craved out.

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