The Void Walkers

Prior to the fall, Rath-Torhan was one of the Eldar’s greatest spaceborne colonies, a gigantic, timeless vessel that wandered the stars. Seeding many worlds on the Eastern Rim, Rath-Torhan was far from the Eldar homeworlds when the fall came.

Far from the maelstrom, they believed themselves safe. They were wrong.

The energies set loose by the fall scorched most of Rath-Torhan’s territories, including their largest settlement on the lush green world of Sindar.

In one night, the settlement ripped itself apart, but that was not the end. Over the following decade, the planet slowly transformed into a desert world.

In orbit, the seers of Rath-Torhan vowed to save this gem of their empire, unaware that this decision would be their undoing. In the 31st millennium (by the count of the humans), an Imperial fleet found Sindar and Rath-Torhan completely by chance.

Although the mon-kiegh’s Great Crusade was known to them, the seers of Rath-Torhan were unprepared for the discovery of their craftworld by a fully battle ready war fleet. Over the space of three weeks, the craftworld pounded by the Imperial Battleships whilst the majority of the Eldar fleet was out of the system. Far from defenceless, Rath-Torhan weathered the storm, however final defeat was only a matter of time. Fighting their way past the mon-kiegh fleet, a handful of eldar escaped to the planet’s surface to summon help.

Two days late, Rath-Torhan’s fleet appeared from no where, using the giant web portals on the planet below, to turn the tide, all but annihilating the human fleet. However for the craftworld itself, it was already too late.

Slowly, piece by piece, the great craftworld of Rath-Torhan broke up in orbit, creating the rings that surround Sindar to this day. Consumed by other priorities, the new Imperium soon forgot about Rath-Torhan and the Sindar system.


Sindar is a shell of its former glory. The damage to the planet’s eco-system has been extensive and almost of the planet’s fauna and flora has perished. However, in pockets life still hang on. For example, the dragons introduced to Sindar millions of year ago quickly adapted to the new climate, soon becoming the top predators on the planet. Lean, pack hunters capable of running down their prey for days.

Amongst the ruined cities also lie forgotten web portals connecting the furthest corners of the webway. In their isolation, the few remaining eldar of Rath-Torhan have become the masters of the webway, only surpassed by the mysterious harlequins and guardians of the Black Library.

And in orbit, hidden by dust and debris, floats Rath-Torhan itself, a ragged, broken shard of the huge craftworld that once was; defended by an Amanda of warships ready to ensure that if Sindar is ever discovered by outsiders again, they will not live to tell the tale.

The Void Dragon 

This rune represents the ancient Void Dragon, a terrible creature that in eldar myth almost devoured their entire race. Only Asuryan was strong enough to defeat the Void Dragon, trapping it in the webway, isolated from both the warp, and the material universe.

This is the symbol of the Rath-Torhan craftworld whose name means "Sentinels of the Void", a reference to their tenacity to endure, and watch the many hidden, ancient paths of the webway.