Thursday, 17 June 2010

Campaign Weekends

Sabbat Crsuade Result Map On the way back from Birmingham Games Expo a few weeks ago, myself and Dan Currey (from Bracknell Forest Gamers) got talking about past events we really enjoyed.

Whilst tournaments are enormous fun, all the events and gaming moments that really struck in our minds were campaign weekends.

To put this into context, both Dan and myself are veterans of the Warhammer 40000 hobby and have run loads of tournaments and club events over the years. However, some years ago we were also heavily involved in several of Games Workshop’s Dark Stars campaign weekends, all but writing and running large parts of the Sabbat Crusade and Medusa V events at Warhammer World; plus running several spin off events in other parts of the country.

With the twists, turns, heroes and villains these campaign weekends supplied moments we treasure even now. Whilst the Tempus Fugitives have taken the mantle at Warhammer World and have been running some great events of their own, we both fancied returning to this type of narrative event; despite the huge workload to do one properly.

So far I have a story outline typed up and an idea of the factions involved. The format will probably take something from the doubles events we are running and we will add some new units into the pack(although not too many). Rather than a computer generated map (like the one above from the Sabbat Crusade), I really like the idea of using a physical campaign map so that will be another difference.

Anyway watch this space, hopefully (real lives allowing) we can get something together!

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