Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Planning Pixies

m1120750a_99120104029_EldarFirePrism3_873x627 I’m sitting in a hotel and a bit bored, so I’ve started to think about what units I’m going to have in my new eldar army. However to set boundaries, thought I would start by deciding the units I will not include…

Eldrad Ulthran, may be the ultimate farseer and probably one of the most points effective models in the game, but I’m afraid he can not be everywhere at once (almost every eldar army seems to have him at the moment), so he is first on the list. To save the rest of the world from a rant, I shall stop talking about him now.

Prince Yriel, although not quite as busy as Eldrad, I still think Prince Yriel has too much pressing business to be in this army. And don’t get me started on Eldrad/Yriel combos…

Storm Guardians, equipped with flamers, are awesome and the backbone of my existing eldar army. As a result, they will not be appearing in the new army. To my mind there is nothing a normal Guardian can do better than a Dire Avenger, so do not expect to see any of those either.

Howling Banshees and Swooping Hawks, both of these aspects warriors have been central to my old eldar for a long time, however out with the old, so they will make way for something different.

Avatar, there is only one Avatar on Rath-Torhan, and he is part of the old army. Besides the idea of a daemon accompanying my pixies into battle never did quite sit right…

And finally, Dark Reapers, love the idea, models are ok, but they can not move and shoot. This really does not work with my playing style so they will not be included. For the same reasons Support Weapon Platforms will also not be making an appearance. Rangers would be tarred with the same brush if they could not outflank. But they can, so that’s ok.

This thankfully leaves quite a large range of units to choose from, although certain units (wraith guard and vypers spring to mind) are on the grey, waiting for new models list. This said, I have also already decided that certain units will definitely be in, including the new Fire Prism because I rather like the model.

After my Blood Angels managed to out manoeuvre both eldar and tau armies at the weekend, expect the final list to be very mobile and fast.

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