Friday, 21 May 2010

Enforced Hobby Break

I’m in Copenhagen this week for work, and if you think GW's toys are expensive at home, you should see the prices in DKK. Still, there's a few good game shops here (including Faraos Cigarer) and lots of stuff we do not normally see in the United Kingdom.

imageWhilst here, I’ve picked up a small Feldherr figure case to carry my latest painting project (and paints). It fits very nicely into the bottom of my laptop bag although I’m not sure how well this will work because I fly a lot. However I’m going to give it a try next week!

The Mini case itself is a lovely place of kit and very nicely put together with a address tag slot on the side. Mine came with two 16 figure 25mm mini trays and is the limited edition Deluxe version (pictured above).

Unfortunately it is the wrong shape to fit in my GW Apocalypse bag (I have a KR Aquilla which fits perfectly into one of the pockets). However the intent is to use it in a rucksack or one of the messenger bags I have. In either case, it leaves plenty of room for lunch or a small box with a tank inside.

If you are after something a little bigger, Feldherr do a four tray version called the Mini Plus. This will hold up to 64 infantry models and has a handle of the side. Again, good to throw into a rucksack, however the shape feels a bit weird.  Up from this is the Medium case which is their answer to the GW hard case. This looks really nice, has a pocket for rulebooks on the front and a shoulder strap.

I’m also going to start re-reading "A Thousand Sons" on the way home tomorrow. Since starting this job (which involves a bit of travelling), I’ve found a good book invaluable to pass the time on aeroplanes. And unlike the MP3 player, they don’t have to be switched off during take off and landing.

Hopefully this weekend I can get to some of the hobby stuff!

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