Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Planning Pixies, part II

Well, I’ve being musing and playing around with the eldar Codex and this is my first stab at a standard 1500 point eldar army list.

The choice of units here represent three things; firstly the models I have, secondly some of the conversion ideas I’ve have and want to include, and finally a particular theme I will be following for the army (which will be obvious once a few units are built).

Anyway, without further ado…

HQ Autarch (jetbike, laser lance, fusion gun, mandiblasters)
Farseer (doom, runes of warding, singing spear)



Elite 10 Striking Scorpions, Wave Serpent (twin-linked shuriken cannons)


Troop Complusory 4 Guardian Jetbikes, Warlock (destructor)
4 Guardian Jetbikes, Warlock (destructor)


Troops 9 Dire Avengers, Exarch (dire sword & shuriken pistol, defend), Wave Serpent (twin-linked shuriken cannons)


Fast Attack 3 Shinning Spears, Exarch (withdraw)


Heavy Support

3 War Walkers (eldar missile launchers, shuriken cannons)
Fire Prism





The idea is for the Autarch, Shinning Spears, and Scorpions to be counter assault units, whilst the jetbikes and Avengers perform a short range fire support role.

There’s a lot of anti-infantry in here at the expense of ranged anti-armour capability. This could be an issue, especially against Land Raiders and Monliths which have no weak points. On the other, in my experience hitting tanks with big pointy sticks is more effective than shooting them.


  1. Anti tank does look a bit weak, and what you have is mostly concentrated in the 2 heavy support units. Are you against using fire dragons ? Looking at the list again the fact that all three jet bike squads can turbo boost first turn and charge a tank 2nd turn should help against tanks (I hope I'm correct in thinking warlocks come with a witchblade as standard)

    What I do like about the list is the speed, it's very fast and should be able to run rings round opponents.

    Would the ability to fire 3 shots on the avenger exarch be better. I doubt the diresword and defend will stop the avengers being beaten in combat, and the 3 shot ability should work well with the farseer's doom.

    A second prism would be nice to fit in, but I'm not sure what to lose to fit it in.

    After playing against Eldar a lot I think the list will perform better than it looks on paper because eldar are one of those armies that if they work together well they definitely have more power than the sum of their parts.


  2. Fire Dragons are great, and a permanent feature of my current eldar. However they tend to be a one shot weapon. See tank, kill tank, get eaten by something else. This said, they will make an appearance in bigger armies.
    Warlocks do indeed come with witchblades :-)
    Dire Avengers I'm a little divided on and I'm trying to use them a different way. Using bladestorm tends to lead to counter assaults and the problems that entails. The beauty of defend is that I can charge (yes, I did say charge) a unit of shoota boyz and deny them two-thirds of their attacks. And I go first. The dire sword is purely for marines, although on a doomed tyranid monstrous creature (all toughness 6) it could be interesting.
    The aim is to use the walkers with Outflank to maximise side and rear shot opportunities. I agree, a second Prism would be great (getting the first one in was a squeeze), and that might be one of the first things for the 1750 list.
    I think as a quick, mobile list, this suits my playing style nicely. I also would like to get a unit of Warp Spiders in simply because I have not used them before. Maybe at 1750.
    Thanks for the feedback!