Thursday, 6 May 2010

Alternative 40K Scenarios

I had a bit of a brain wave last night (these things happen when I’m bored in a hotel room), and thought it could be interesting to tweak the standard Warhammer 40000 scenarios using new deployment options and objectives.

Here are the two variants I’ve come up with. They are designed to be used with the scenario designer in the main rulebook (page 86) but will (intentionally) favour different types of army.

First up is a new mission (page 90 in the main rulebook)…

King of the Hill

Both forces are converging on a vital objective. Who ever can take and hold these objective will rule the day.

Victory Conditions

Before deciding deployment zones, an objective is placed at the centre of the table (a hill or building is perfect). After this objective is positioned, deployment of the forces begins, as described in the type of deployment being used.

At the end of the game you control the objective if there is at least one of your scoring units, and no enemy scoring units within 3” of it. As different objectives vary in shape and size, it is important to agree at the beginning of the game where this distance will be measured from.

Second is a new deployment type (page 92 in the main rulebook)…

Poles Apart Poles Apart

Both armies are positioned at extreme range. As they move on the objectives, a confrontation is inevitable.

The table is divided into four corners.

The players roll-off and the winner chooses to go first or second. The player them chooses one of the short table edges to be his own table edge. He then deploys his force within 24” of one of the corners on his side of the table. His opponent then deploys within 24” of the diagonally opposite corner.

Deploy any infiltrators and make any scout moves.

Start the game! Once deployment has finished, the player that chose his deployment zone first starts game Turn 1 with his first player turn.

Each of these should work with the existing missions and deployments. I hope this will inspire players to mix things up a little. Any feedback gratefully received.

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