Sunday, 4 April 2010

Operation Snowman

I have finally decided on my army list for A Small Matter of Honour, the Sad Muppet Society's annual 40K tournament. Please bear in mind this the aim here is to do (almost) the minimum amount of painting to add to my existing army. To this end, I've got a dreadnought, sergeant, sanguinary priest, and two objectives to finish within the month. Anyway, onto the list:

The Order of Sanguinius, Raiding Force (1250 points)

Reclusiarch (jump pack) 155
4 Honour Guard (flamers, power weapon), Sanguinary Novitiate, jump packs 190

9 Tactical Marines (missile launcher, meltagun), Sergeant (power weapon), Razorback 245
4 Scouts, Scout Sergeant (power weapon, meltabombs) 95

Baal Predator (twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolter) 145
Baal Predator (twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolter) 145

Dreadnought (two twin-linked autocannons) 120
Vindicator (siege shield) 155

Reinforcements (500 points)

Sanguinary Priest (power weapon) 65
Furioso Dreadnought 125

9 Tactical Marines (missile launcher, plasma gun), Sergeant (power fist, storm bolter) 208

2 Attack Bikes (multi-meltas) 100

Hopefully this lot will do ok, although there is less mobility in here than I would have liked. However I didn't want to buy any more toys because after ASMOH I will be concentrating on my eldar, especially as my fantastic wife bought me a rather fab present for Easter...


  1. Hi,

    Looks like a nice list.

    The priest looks odd, I take it he'll join which ever combat squad goes in the razorback. Seems like such a small squad to lend his abilities to for his cost. It's worth considering something else instead of the priest, maybe upping the scouts to full size.


  2. The main reason for the priest as that I like the idea of a medic (and always have since WD 102) and I have the model (and I don't have a spare rhino or scouts). I think you are correct, more scouts (or a transport) would be more effective.

    Anyway, I see the priest (medic) as support for either tactical squad, either to harden a static unit on an objective, or in the Razorback to upgrade that combat squad. So goes the theory anyway.