Wednesday, 21 April 2010

And now for something slightly different...

Anyone regularly reading this blog might be vaguely aware that I am a member of the Sad Muppet Society (the finest wargaming club in the world in my humble opinion), based in little old Basingstoke. The year after we setup the club, we started an annual Warhammer 40000 tournament called A Small Matter of Honour (ASMOH). Even though I have long since passed the baton to others to run this event, it is still the highlight of my gaming calendar.

When we originally created the tournament (eight years ago) we wanted to do something slight different. So instead of the normal 1500 point armies, we went for 1750 points for our players, or as it was pitched at the time, a normal army plus a land raider. This gave players the opportunity to paint and field something in addition to their normal army and was pretty popular. So much so, there are many other 1750 point tournaments now.

After the first year, it became apparent we needed a fourth game in the day (ASMOH is a one day tournament). Squeezing in another 1750 point game was not an option, so we started the day with a 400 point combat patrol. However in the past two years we have moved to using two 1250 games in the morning follow two 1750 games in the afternoon.

The essential thing about the 1250 point list, is that it is a normal army with something taken away. Together with a tweaked force organisation chart (see piccie to the right) it forces players to concentrate on what is really important in their army lists.

Last year, I wrote a 1750 point army and then removed 500 points. This meant the list was compromised in the smaller games because I didn't appreciate how important some units were to my list.

This time around, I've developed my army list with this in mind, so it is a 'ground up' 1250 point army. This is mainly because the Blood Angel's codex has only recently come out and I've only used it at 1250 points so far, however as a side effect this list seems to work better and has highlighted the core elements in my army; the stuff I need to make it work.

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