Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Descent of Angels

Well, I tested my 1250 point Blood Angels army tonight against "The Pinto", one of the best 40K players at our club  and I'm rather happy to say they worked quite well. Matt is one of the original members of Muppets and we have played each other many times over the years. Although previously Matt did nasty things to my old Blood angels army, I'm probably just ahead on our encounters.

We played an annihilation mission with pitched battle deployment and Matt bought his Space Wolves. His army consisted of three Grey Hunter packs (two in Rhinos), Terminator Wolf Guard, Long Fangs, a Rune Priest, and a blood crazed Lone Wolf. My list was my ASMOH list which can be found here. Matt deployed centrally so his units could support one another, and I kept all of my units in reserve to take advantage of my greater mobility.

Because of (my lack of) deployment, the game really kicked off in turn three, when Matt kindly removed the main guns on my two tanks which turned up the previous turn (one of the Baal Predators and the Vindicator). In return my Chaplain, Honour Guard and Scouts managed to wipe a unit of Grey Hunters, and positioned themselves to get the second unit the following turn (which was duly cut down). Their advance was only slowed by Matt's Wolf Guard who finished the Honour Guard and Scouts. Unfortunately they cracked against the Chaplain leaving him free to chase them and move into the Long Fangs.

So in summary, the Honour Guard/Chaplain/Scouts combo ate units which the rest of my army had shot into manageable targets. The other unit of note was my new autocannon dreadnought. Despite turning up late he accounted for both of my vehicle kills (two Rhinos). In the end I won five-two on kill points and should thank Matt for a great game (as always).

My next task is to finish three marines for my 1750 point list and to read Black Tide, the latest Blood Angel's novel by James Swallow.

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