Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Green Tide

It is a little scary. I have been in this country three weeks now and I'm not even traveling next week. Probably just as well with the Iceland thing. Anyway as a result I've been at club loads this month and I've been able to actually play some games.

This week was the third test game using my list for A Small Matter of Honour in May. This time playing an annihilation mission against an Ork Horde with 60 Shoota Boyz, two Battlewagons, three Killa-Kans, and a unit of Megaarmour Nobs, all in 1250 points. Without going into to details, suffice to say concentrating on single elements or units worked brilliantly.

In particular the autocannon dreadnought did wonders against the Kill-Kans and Battlewagons (killing both of them on side or rear armour); and my tactical squad cut though two Shoota Boyz units in close combat. The only unit I couldn't deal with was the Megaarmoured Nobs but I suspect my HQ could have done the job if they were not at the opposite end of the battlefield. In the end I won six kill points to three.

I am especially surprised how vulnerable Orks are in assault if charged, as I rate Shoota boyz as the best basic troops in the game. Still I'm sure if my opponent got the charge it would be a very different story.

Next week I plan to use my 1750 list for the first time, however I still need to finish the sergeant for my second tactical squad and a sanguinary priest. However first things first, this Saturday I'm off to Salute in London on the GCN stand and helping on a Rules of Engagement demo game.

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