Saturday, 24 April 2010

Salute 2010

Well, just back home from Salute 2010 and it has been a long day (I was up before 5:00am this morning). I have to admit, from my point of view there was lots and lots of interesting stuff, but nothing I actually wanted to buy, so I managed to come away with just a handful of models for the new eldar army.

However among the many stalls (too may lovely toys), from Poland looked particularly interesting and had some beautiful miniatures and conversion bits. I will be investigating further once their webshop is switched back on (I think the whole company came to Salute).

A huge thankyou should go to all the Gaming Club Network volunteers (from Chelmsford Bunker, Leeds Owl Nights, Oxford Gaming Club, and Phoenix Gaming Club) who came along to demonstrate Flames of War, Rules of Engagement, and Black Powder; and to Battlefront and Warlord Games for letting us come along.

Here's a handful of photos from the day, starting with one of the new GCN stands with Phoenix Gaming Club's Black Powder game in the background...

Mike Sharp's fantastic Rules of Engagement game board, here with some Germans sneaking toward the US Airborne Infantry...

And finally, one of the other participation games that caught my attention, Lego Clone Wars...

Oh, and before I forget I'm in White Dwarf this month! Together with a far more interesting article penned by Gareth Williams about the Chelmsford Bunker club.

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