Saturday, 17 July 2010

More Coal Please!

cygnar2The move to Warmachine is well underway and I’ve got a fist full of toys. In the end, I’ve gone for the Cygnar faction because I love the magic/tech crossover. As I’ve mentioned before, it has a lot in common with Final Fantasy video games (I have fond memories of FFVII, having I burnt far too much time playing that game).

So what’s first up? Well I’ve definitely gone for a theme and it is not a traditional Cygnar gunline. I’ve only got one warjack at the moment plus some foot troops; and I’ve only just start getting these models together (undercoated the first batch today). So far I have to say I really like Privateer Press’s stuff. Compared to the Games Workshop Wood Elf I’ve recently put together, the PP stuff is surprisingly flash free and at least as well cast.

I’ve also being spending a lot of time reading through (and really enjoying) the main Warmachine rulebook and the Cygnar faction book. In particular, the detailed background and army entries in the Prime rulebook are great and really flesh out Iron Kingdoms world as well as giving a good overview of how each faction works in the game. The game itself looks pretty straightforward although the unit rules seem to add a huge amount of complexity. This is very much in keeping with the heroic nature of the game and quite different to the Warhammer games (Warmachine looks very character driven).

Anyway once I’ve finally decided on a colour scheme, got a couple more Warjacks, and find some time (which is the difficult bit); I will be ready to start playing. Can’t wait!

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