Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bovington or (and) bust!

Rules of Engagement Tanks, lots and lots of tanks that’s what they have at Bovington Tank Museum on the south coast of England and one of the premier military museums in the country. This weekend Bovington is home to Battlegroup South; a wargaming show hosted between the tanks themselves.

Mike Sharp, the GCN Area Rep for Oxford organised a demo game of Rules of Engagement (above) attached to the Warlord Games stand and showcasing their Bolt Action range. This enabled the Gaming Club Network (including me with my president hat on) to have a stand at the show. The guys at Warlord were excellent looking after us all day, so a HUGE thank you should go to them. During the course of the day, the Americans backed up by Shermans and paratroopers threw themselves into the German lines; and bounced.

Including the fantastic Battle of Hoth, Lego Star Wars game, there were lots of very high quality demo games. In particular the effort from Shepway Gaming Club was completely jaw dropping. Apparently their game is going to SELWG in October so if you are there, check it out.

A special mention should also go to the very nice guys at MCS Miniatures who very kindly helped me empty my wallet in exchange for a bit of Warmachine stuff (happily using our club discount). I still don’t have quite enough for even a small force (14 points so far…), however I will do when I pick up one or two light warjacks.

I have to say the venue itself is fantastic and an absolute must for any fans of military history. I will be back when I have more time.

If this show sounds interesting, you still haven’t quite missed it, it is on tomorrow as well (Sunday 4th July).

paintingstationOn a complete different subject, I thought I’d post a piccie of my mobile painting station. Yes, that is a plastic coffee cup from a (cough water pot) and the pixie is standing on the painting guide I’m building for my eldar. At the moment this Mini figure bag is full of eldar dire avengers (yes, still working on them), however I hope to get some Warmachine stuff in there soon.

Oh, and if you haven’t already found it, Robey Jenkins, another GCN Rep, has started a hobby podcast full of helpful tips even for old veterans like me. Check it out here.

Right, done blog, need to work on hobby stuff…

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