Thursday, 18 February 2010

WH40K Skirmish Scale (750 points)

Last club meeting, two of the guys were playing a 750 point game. As a bit of background, both chaps are building new armies and are playing a series of games of increasing size while they paint stuff.

However the 750 point format in particular struck me as a really nice, really tactical, format. As a slight tweak to the system they used, the following could work really nicely:

Army Selection
  • Minimum one troops
  • Maximum one hq
  • Elite, Fast Attack or Heavy Support choices are restricted. You must have one of each (so one Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support choice) before selecting a second from the same category
  • No units with the 'Unique' special rule may be used

Play as per normal, although I think this format will work slightly better on a 4 x 4 or 4 x5 board rather than a standard 6 x 4.

Please note, this is basically a one player version of the GW Doubles Tournament format. If anyone else tries this out, please let me know how (if) it works!

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